Puerto Rican Woman Sources Online for A Second Wife for her Husband

sirA US-based Puerto Rican woman did something rather strange recently– she sourced for a second wife for her husband online.

The woman, Aisha Abdur-Rahman who is based in San Diego went on Facebook looking for a second wife for her husband. She posted this;

“As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh any sisters looking for a husband, I’m looking for a Co Wife for my husband, in San Diego, California he’s 32 years old, easy to get along with, down to earth, open-minded, compassionate, caring, loving, sincere, loyal, trustworthy, honest and loves to laugh, he’s serious with his Deen but at the same time balanced Alhamdulilah, he’s a very good husband, sisters please inbox me inshaAllah if your interested”


She didn’t stop there, the Puerto Rican woman posted the very next day again saying; “Sisters don’t pass up a good man because your afraid to practice the Sunnah of polygamy, don’t be ashamed of our Deen, and don’t be shy, inbox me”


You can see photos of Aisha Abdur-Rahman and her hubby below along with her posts.

nh sd


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