Fifteen killed, 20 wounded in central Somalia fighting 

​At least 15 people are known to have been killed and up to 20 others were wounded in a renewed fighting between Puntland and Galmudug forces in the central town of Galkayo, reports said. 

 Sirqarsoon correspondent in the city says both sides used heavy and small weapons in the ongoing armed clashes which has led to the deaths of 8 people, including innocent civilians.

Our reporter said Hundreds of families fled the town to nearby rural areas as the warring sides massing troops to the battle zones in the central city, that has been hit by persistent conflict.

Galkayo is divided into two parts, the Northern and Southern axis. The north is administered by the Puntland authority and Southern is governed by Galmudug Administration.

Puntland local authorities have several times accused Galmudug for giving safe havens to assailants who carry out assassinations in the Northern axis, but Galmudug has denied.

Reeb Fariin

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